Thursday, March 2, 2017

About Europatex

About Europatex

Europatex, Inc. was established in New York City to take advantage of competitive market conditions as well as the birthplace of style and design. We quickly became recognized for producing creative trimmings and home fabrics to suit all our clientele's needs, and to this day enjoy an extraordinary level of customer confidence. With a fully integrated production capability from house dyeing all the way through to final assembly, we ensure products are delivered on time, on budget and as specified. Staff members from 3 continents and permanent representation within the North American and European markets allows us to stay on top of market conditions and gain insight into future trends and patterns.

Europatex, Inc. incorporates a broad range of production methods from traditional hand looms to high capacity machinery giving us unparalleled flexibility in our product range. Yarn types include both natural and synthetic fibers, dyed internally and offering an almost limitless range of color options. Complimenting these yarns is a wide array of woods, metals, composites, glass, etc. We encourage our customers to draw from either non-exclusive offerings or allow us to tailor to their requirements. Our sampling and design service is unmatched in the trade and given all work is done on site we ensure your ideas remain yours and yours alone.

With our roots in competitively priced China, Europatex Inc. has since established a global client base and distribution points within North America, Europe and Central America. Our customer list extends from trimming manufacturers through to wholesalers; our products can be found in some of the world's most renowned locations.

Europatex Inc. is valued by our customers for flexibility and attentive service. We work with an extensive knowledge of the craft of quality embellishment and coloration, yet from a low cost and versatile base.? These capabilities coupled with our understanding of the challenges of the market place will continue to allow us to meet our client's commitments and delight the end user with the beauty of our passementerie and fabrics.

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