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Trim Care
Washable Trims : Cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene, and Acrylic.

Dry Cleanable Trims : Rayon, Acetate, Viscose, Linen, Jute, and Chenille. Match washable trims to washable
fabrics, dry cleanable trims to dry cleanable fabrics.

Beaded Tassels and Trims : Because of their delicate nature, these items are not washable or dry cleanable
and should be removed from fabric before cleaning.

How to wash "Washable" trims : Wash by hand in mild suds and cold water. Rinse thoroughly in cold water
until water runs clear. Air dry.

Reviving ball fringe : The strong action of washing machine cycles may damage trims, particularly ball and
tassel fringes. If ball fringe has been abused by harsh laundering and drying, hold a steam iron over it to revive
its fluffiness.

Washing intense colors : The best quality dyes are used in trims. Yet deep colors such as wine, chocolate
brown and black still tend to "bleed". Before attaching to fabric these color should be rinsed thoroughly in
lukewarm water until the water runs clean. Air dry at once.

Dry Cleaning : For the protection of your draperies and furnishings, be sure to use a reputable professional
dry cleaner.

Trims for shrink-controlled and permanent-press fabrics : Use shrink-controlled trims (polyester).
Shrink-controlled means the trim has been treated so that it will shrink a maximum of 3%. Although
shrink-controlled articles can be machine washed and tumble-dried, never use high washer or dryer heats.

Overall Caution : If trims are not marked " shrink-controlled", it is advisable to wash and pre-shrink trimmings
before sewing to fabric to reduce shrinkage to the minimum.
It is always safer to buy a little extra yardage to allow for shrinkage in laundering and for joining, finishing
off ends or rounding corners. To allow for shrinkage during laundering, hold fabric taut and ease the trim in
loosely when sewing. Acetate yarns are susceptible to change color.

Dyeing Caution : Although some yarns readily accept dye, piece dyeing of product is not recommended and
will not be held responsible for product if this is attempted by the customer. For non-stock colors please
contact Manufacturing Specials Customer Service for requirements.

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